BIM & Layout

geoshack-BIM-with-buildingGeoShack has all your BIM/Layout solutions! For years, contractors have been responsible for taking the designs of architects and engineers and making them a reality on a job site. Creating a finished product from paper plans has incorporated a wide variety of job site methods and tools – from measuring tapes, levels, lasers, advanced surveying total stations and even GPS receivers. No matter what tools have been used, construction layout is always a critical point to any project.

GeoShack provides solutions to:
EngineeringReal-time data for up-to-the-minute design, management, and inspection.
Site ManagementUnified control of equipment, scheduling, grade management and more.
Utilities and InfrastructureExisting, planned and placed – always connected to the design model.
BuildingLayout, structure, MEP, finish and all details in between – controlled from one source.

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