GeoShack Launches UAV Solutions for Agriculture

GeoShack Launches UAV Solutions for Agriculture


DALLAS, Texas – January 17, 2017 GeoShack, Inc., today announced the launch of our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) product portfolio for the Agricultural Market.  GeoShack is excited to also announce its partnerships with Lockheed-Martin, DJI and Sentera in the Agricultural space.  These partnerships augment GeoShack’s already robust product offerings, giving our AG customers access to a variety of innovative UAV solutions including quadcopter and fixed wing UAVs, precision sensors, and AgVault Software.


Customers can use GeoShack’s suite of software, sensors, and UAVs together, or independent of one another as a scalable solution.  Flexible product combinations ensure every farmer; regardless of farm size and regardless of budget, can design and implement a robust end-to end crop health management program unique to their operation.


GeoShack’s Agricultural UAV Product Offering will include:




  • Sentera OMNI Quadcopter: Game-Changing aerial data-capture capabilities.  The Omni partners naturally with a gimbaled Sentera Double 4K Sensor, creating an easy-to-use precise drone package.
  • Sentera Phoenix 2 Fixed Wing:  Up to a 60-minutes of endurance and cruise speed of 30 mph, the Phoenix 2 is capable of covering broad areas that other UAVs of the same size cannot.  Follow-up flights can be programmed to use the same pattern for exact data comparison at multiple times throughout the growing season.
  • NDVI Upgrade Kits for DJI Phantom 3 & 4: Transforms new or existing Phantom 3 or 4 model UAVs into precision scouting tools, retaining the Phantom’s stock camera functionality while adding TrueNDVI capabilities
  • Sensors: Capturing precise near infrared (NIR) imagery, Sentera’s Sensors produce unmatched true, normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) maps that easily translate data into action.
  • AgVault Software and Mobile App: Allows users to view crop health imagery and historical data at the field edge and quickly transfer prescriptive analytics into farm equipment.



  • DJI Phantom 3 (Advanced & Professional) with Sentera sensor upgrades:  Adding the Sentera Single sensor to any DJI UAV’s allows the drones to capture both normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and high-resolution color imagery simultaneously, providing growers with a precise, affordable solution to help determine the health and vibrancy of a crop.
  • DJI Phantom 4:  Upgrade to the Phantom 4 and you get 28 minutes of flight time and the drone is equipped with an Obstacle Sensing System that constantly scans for obstacles in front of it, allowing it to avoid collisions by going around, over or hovering.
  • DJI Inspire: The Inspire offers upgraded inflight capabilities and increased stability in windy conditions. The Inspire also comes with interchangeable DJI payload options including their thermal imager payload.




  • Lockheed-Martin Indago Quadcopter: The Indago for AG offers an industry best 50+ minutes of flight time for a quadcopter, and paired with Sentera’s imaging solutions for crop analysis allows you to cover more area in less time, minimizing your cost.




“We are excited to extend our proven UAV product offerings to the Agricultural Markets,” remarked Mr. Scott Beathard, President & CEO of GeoShack. “Bringing these new products and services to today’s marketplace gives more agriculture professionals access to new, advanced agriculture solutions. Growers are continually looking for ways to predictably, efficiently increase yields, and GeoShack’s software and UAV products are designed precisely with that in mind.”


By collecting higher-quality data faster and less expensively than ever before, agronomists and crop consultants of all types can focus on high value advisory and prescriptive tasks, bring more acres under management, and provide better advice, to more growers, at a lower cost.


“I have experienced firsthand, the phenominal precision, control and accuracy of these UAV’s and sensor packages,” said Mr. Brandon Morrow, GeoShack’s Delta Region Sales Manager.   “Growers are using these products with agriculture-specific sensors to collect RGB, NIR and NDVI imagery.  That imagery is so precise [the growers] tell us they’re targeting and treating specific parts of their fields, and they are using fewer chemicals, saving money and increasing yields.”


Plus, LiveNDVI Video is offered exclusively with Sentera’s Omni™ quadcopter and Phoenix 2 fixed-wing drones. Both Compatible UAV platforms are sold through GeoShack’s AG team.


“Real Time NDVI Streaming is a game changer for the Agricultural Industry.  We are pleased to now offer this industry exclusive feature through GeoShack’s AG team,” added Mr. Beathard.  “The agronomist now has more choices and more ways to do crop analysis than ever before.  By seamlessly managing drones and sensor data, then making it shareable and searchable, a crop consultant or farmer will increase operational efficiencies while driving additional profits to their bottom lines.”



You can see all these new offerings at any one of GeoShack’s Upcoming Trade Shows and Events:

  • Delta AG Expo in Cleveland, MS:  January 18 – 19, 2017
  • 20th Annual Cotton & Rice Conference in Baton Rouge, LA: January 30 – February 1
  • 65th Annual Mid-South Farm & Gin Show in Memphis, TN: March 3 – 4
  • Commodity Classic in San Antonio, TX: March 2 – 4
  • Soon to be announced Demonstration Days near you.