iVolve Appoints GeoShack as North American Distributor!

iVolve Appoints GeoShack as North American Distributor!

DALLAS, Texas – April 7, 2016 GeoShack North America, Inc., the leading distributor of positioning technology to the construction industry, has been appointed by iVolve as their North American distributor of iVolve products to the mining and construction industries.  iVolve, based in Australia, is a leading industrial technology company delivering real-time machine intelligence in the mining sector for over 20 years.  The alliance brings together two well-known and respected organizations on an International Scale.

This major new technology will allow GeoShack to expand its current flagship line of products to its new Mining Business Unit.  Effective immediately, GeoShack will carry and support all iVolve products on a North America wide basis.  iVolve’s state of the art Fleet Management Solution (FMS) improves mining machine intelligence. The key Production module enables real-time production decision making by monitoring and recording each step of the haul truck load cycle.

Ms. Debi Parascos, iVolve’s Key Accounts & Marketing Manager stated, “GeoShack is an industry leader in mining and construction technology in North America.  As we look to widen the reach of our machine intelligence solutions in North America, GeoShack’s strength, tenure, and outstanding customer support make them the perfect partner for iVolve to increase the sales of our products across North America.”

Mr. Dan O’Reilly, GeoShack’s Senior Vice President for Emerging Markets said, “Our customers will see the benefits of GeoShack’s relationship with iVolve as we can now offer mining operators crucial operational data for the monitoring and management of their mining fleet.  The operators will get real-time, actionable data that will provide maximum value and maximum return on their investment.”

You can reach Dan on his mobile at (330) 353-5050 or by e-mail at doreilly@geoshack.com.

For more information, visit www.ivolve.com