What is DensityMAX™?

DensityMAX™ is a wireless enhanced GPS system that combines the reliability of Topcon GPS Machine Control Systems with the unique Carlson Landfill Software to maximize your landfill density. Use our DensityMax Calculator by clicking here and input your own data. Download DensityMax Brochure Here.

DensityMAX allows you:

  • Increase Working Face Density
  • Improve Efficiency by Avoiding Unnecessary Compaction Passes
  • Control waste placement grades
  • Real Time density reporting
  • Track Daily Fill Volume
  • Observe Compaction from Remote Location
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Real Time Connectivity
Base Rover
Basic Surveying
In-cab Topographical Info
Activity Logging
Warning Zones
Physical Data Transfer
Two-way Data Communication
Machine Data Sharing
Remote diagnostics & Support
Remote Training

Why Invest in DensityMax?

As a Landfill professional, you know that once each acre of a landfill is developed, the ultimate return on the capital invested is primarily a function of DENSITY.  By achieving greater density, your landfill will have a longer life and yield a higher return on your investment. To illustrate this benefit for you, we have created the DENSITY IMPROVEMENT CALCULATOR below for you.  It is pre-populated with sample values or you may click in each box and enter your own data.  Just push the calculate button to see your custom results!

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Density Improvement Calculator

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