Precision Farming


More and more producers are using precision farming technologies in their operations and GeoShack Precision Farming team can assist you. Our team is comprised of individuals from an agriculture background combined with the knowledge of precision farming, we can partner with you make your bottom line grow. We are committed to customer service and satisfaction, and provide comprehensive training. If you need training, repairs and more, call the GeoShack Precision Farming Team! We are here for you… Please feel free to contact us by clicking here or call us at (800) 444-5661.

It’s, easy to use and operate… that my 80 year old grandfather can run it! I just need the tractor to steer straight so I can concentrate on all the other controls. I remember several times when I had to disk after dark because of weather was coming in the next day. I was able to finish in the middle of the night because I could run the Leica mojo System without being able to see the sides of the disk in the darkness.” ~ Seth Bright – Leica mojoGlideclick here to view the mojoGlide