GX-55 Control Box is Now Available For All Topcon 3D Motor Grader and Dozer Kits


Previously only available for excavators, the GX-55 is now available as the premier control box for all 3D Dozer and Motor Graders. This new addition allows you to configure systems for grading and excavating equipment with the most modern and user friendly machine control interface in the market today.

Now all the new features of GX-55 like Integrated LED Light Bars for easy grade and slope indication are offered for Motor Graders and Dozers.

The GX-55 introduces multiple configuration options for a variety of machine types and applications using a new and intuitive OAF structure. Additionally, combined with the latest 3D-MC software update, v.12.0.5, your GX-55 now supports the robust MC-i4 GNSS receiver, delivering you a complete package for any job.

See the dynamic difference of how you interact with your control box. Power on the GX-55 using its internal battery and load files from the office or cab or your TRUCK! Additionally, a major difference in processing speed can be seen with a faster internal processor that delivers your results in “modern” time.