Topcon Introduces the MC-i4 GNSS Receiver for Machine Control Applications

Topcon’s latest GNSS Receiver, the MC-i4 offers expanded and improved configurations for indicate-only machine control systems. These configurations will support the new LPS Excavator and i-53 Dozer in addition to the i-33 Dozer, X-33 Excavator and X-63i indicate-only systems.


VERSATILE SL-R4 BOARD WITH BLUETOOTH LongLinkTM - This new receiver features internal SL-R4 board which contains an integrated digital UHF radio, LongLinkTMBluetooth, and a GSM/CDMA modem.

The universal modem is both GSM & CDMA compatible making it Sitelink3D ready for almost all network connections. We are awaiting Verizon & Sprint certification and will send out a dealer announcement as soon as we receive approval. Once this occurs we will be able to activate the GSM/CDMA modems on board the MC-i4 for Sitelink3D connectivity.

EXTREMELY RUGGED - The new MC-i4 also has a more rugged design for ultra reliability in even the harshest site conditions. The MC-i4 was subjected to IP67 testing specifications which require the hardware to have extreme protection against moisture and dust as well as stringent drop and vibration requirements.