Introducing MAGNET Field and Office 7.1

MAGNET software delivers productive workflows that drive efficiency and profitability for survey and construction professionals. The MAGNET 7.1 release adds new features providing improved field productivity together with seamless project team connectivity.

Upgrade your digital toolset by using the latest MAGNET software in the field and the office. Each MAGNET license comes with MAGNET Enterprise for cloud-based data transfer, conversion, and survey project data visualized on a map.

MAGNET Software Suite – Field, Office and Enterprise

The MAGNET Software Suite includes field software, cloud services, tightly integrated office software, and third-party integrations, all designed to complement Topcon positioning technology for an ideal field-to-office workflow solution. The latest software release delivers updates that continue to expand on the benefits of the MAGNET software system for surveyors and contractors. Run your project with the right data, in the right place, all the time!

MAGNET Field 7.1

A few of the long list of new features and improvements are Topnet Live Starpoint and Skybridge services, enhancements to 3D model support, enhanced layout tools, and improved filtering for IFC files. Skybridge/Starpoint support – Starpoint is Topcon’s PPP subscription from Topnet Live. Skybridge uses PPP to maintain position accuracy when RTK corrections are lost. Additional details are coming soon from Marketing and Professional Services. IFC File support improvements – Import filter options and improved layout options allow you to work directly from the map and increase your productivity. Improved Stakeout Navigation – improved stakeout and visual layout aids provide a zoomed-in view when laying out points reducing time to layout points, and increasing productivity.

MAGNET Office 7.1

MAGNET Office 7.1 introduces IFC file support in the Office product line, improved support for Resurfacing and SmoothRide, and improved 3D point management. Look for additional details within the release notes in the next couple of weeks. IFC models – New file type support enables visualization and investigation of 3D models using hierarchy, layers, and groups to create points for stakeout. Resurface Plan View update – To improve the SmoothRide workflow, mill further/fill shading and scaled plotting is now possible to enhance submittals and design packets. New mass data structure for points – Improved 2D/3D views when working with large point sets.