Point Manager has new features!
Point Manager is a plug-in for Revit® and AutoCAD® that provides a complete office-to-field workflow for contractors and is now compatible with Autocad and Revit 2022. Other new features include integrated MAGNET data converter, and integrated “Auto-updates”. Automate point creation – easily import & export layout files to and from a robotic total station. Import robotic total station field measurements to generate point and deviation reports, profiles, and surfaces. Adopt an improved digital layout workflow to increase efficiency, accuracy and reduce

Top Benefits
• Reduce time and cost of construction layout
• Avoid construction errors and rework
• Improve field productivity
• Simplify the BIM-to-field process

Top Features
• New: Now compatible with Autocad and Revit 2022
• New: Integrated MAGNET data converter (combines background files & points into single MJF.Zip or MXL.zip)
• New: Integrated “Auto-updates” so users can search for latest version of Point Manager within the software
• Automatically create points on objects
• Export background files and points to robotic total stations
• Import field points back into the original model
• Add coordinate systems that match the job site
• Compare points, perform QA/QC and generate advanced point comparison reports

Point Manager is Only Available in the North America market.