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The Topcon Machine Control Difference


GeoShack Machine Control group is your essential link between machine and technology. We take pride in providing you the best machine control technology, service,  support. and Trust… it’s the most important trait in your business, so trust the company that has sold, delivered and supported more machine control systems in North America.  GeoShack Machine Control is here for you.

“Machine Control” is terminology that has become synonymous with the implementation of various types of on-board grade control systems for graders, dozers, scrapers, excavators, pavers, millers, trenchers, loaders and rollers.   It denotes such terms such as stake less grading, automatic grading, laser grading, robotic grading and now GPS Grade Control.   Contractors and construction companies large and small who use machine control systems are utilizing the technology to increase productivity, reduce rework and increase profits.

Machine Control can be put into several different categories.  A few are:

    • Indicate or Automatic
    • Laser, sonic, GPS, LPS(robotic) or mmGPS

Each of these categories is independent of each other.  For example, you could have an “Indicate GPS system” or an “Automatic Laser System”.  The choice of technology utilized by the contractor would take in various needs and budgets.  Some of the factors that would be considered to make a decision could be:

    • Vertical accuracy requirements/grading tolerance
    • Budget
    • Type of project.  Do you primarily build a flat surface like a pad or runway versus a more complicated surface such as a road, parking lot or pond?
    • Working environment.  Do you have an open view of the sky?
    • Type of machine used for grading.
    • Is your organization comfortable with computers and data?

There are many more considerations that must be addressed before determining which machine control technology, if any, is best suited for your job or your company.   A GeoShack Machine Control Specialist has the experience, training and qualifications to advise you in making the best decision for your organization.

 Noteworthy GeoShack facts:

    • Sold, delivered and supported the 1st GPS Machine Control system in North America
    • 1st to automate (grade and steering) a trimmer utilizing GPS
    • 1st to utilize GPS in rock milling application
    • 1st to utilize GPS in Trenching application
    • Largest customer base utilizing mmGPS in North America

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