Dan Hendriks to Speak at Upcoming MEMO Conference!

Dan Hendriks to Speak at Upcoming MEMO Conference!

DALLAS, TX – August 25, 2017 – GeoShack, Inc. is pleased to announce that Mr. Dan Hendriks, SVP and Sales Manager for GeoShack’s Mining group will be presenting at the upcoming Maintenance, Engineering and Reliability / Mine Operators Conference (MEMO) being held September 24 – 26, 2017 in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.   The MEMO conference is held annually and is part of the larger Canadian Institute of Mining organization. 

Dan will be speaking at the conference on Monday September 25, 2017 at 1:30pm in the Gallery AB room.  Mr. Hendriks will be presenting on:

Operations - Underground Technology & Innovations to Optimize Efficiencies

The traditional system of monitoring and control of a mining operation consisted of truck counts, spreadsheets, unknown activities by non-visible equipment, operator perception and often intuitive decision-making processes.  With the advent of automatic, real-time data acquisition, much of this system has changed.  We now have a bird’s eye view of the entire operation and observe the vital statistics of every activity within the mine.

 Critical machine data can be pulled from a wide range of vehicle types and vendors in real-time to a single source for reporting and display.


-           If a circuit is over-trucked while another circuit has a hanging excavator, resources can be redirected immediately.

-          Trucks communicate their real-time payload during the loading process to the excavator so that payload targets can be achieved.

-          Machine health data is transmitted in real-time to warn of impending breakdowns.  It is now possible to observe temperature increases of a tire and pull the truck out of a circuit before the tire fails.

-          Boost pressures can be monitored and action taken prior to major damage.

 Thus increasing operator efficiencies and profits.

 Dan Hendriks has spent the last 20 years providing leading edge productivity tools to some of the biggest heavy equipment civil contractors in North America.  As Vice President and Sales Manager for GeoShack’s Mining Group, Hendriks looks to bring his knowledge and customer-first approach to the Mining Industry.  Dan uses a collaborative approach with each customer knowing that each possesses unique technological challenges within their respective organizations.

 You can reach Dan on his mobile at (416) 358-3952 or by e-mail at dhendriks@geoshack.com