GeoShack Assists Road Contractors: Get More Work Done, and Make That Work More Profitable

GeoShack Assists Road Contractors: Get More Work Done, and Make That Work More Profitable

DALLAS, TX – December 12, 2017 – GeoShack, Inc. North America’s largest dealer of positioning, leveling, alignment, measurement, guidance and grade control solutions to the Construction, Survey, Agriculture, Landfill, Mining, Aggregates and Industrial markets is pleased to announce the sale and training of Topcon’s RD-M1 SmoothRide Systems to three premier North American Road Contractors.


Big Creek Construction based in Hewitt, TX

Shelly & Sands Survey based in Columbus, OH

Aecon Construction & Materials based in Toronto, ON


Traditional road mapping is a long process that includes manual labor over an extended amount of time with lane closures and traffic delays. With this revolutionary solution, normal traffic conditions continue uninterrupted - dramatically saving time for both contractors and commuters.  The RD-M1 scanner collects a constant stream of data, delivering precise road surface conditions at freeway speeds.

SmoothRide is comprised of a vehicle-mounted scanner that collects data at driving speeds to map the road surface, custom software to model the data and create a smoother riding road, and patented sonic tracking technology with GPS to provide variable depth milling and paving.

“In most cases, it’s inconvenient or impossible to shut down a road and map its surface using traditional survey methods,” says Mr. David Owen, SVP and Retail Sales Director for GeoShack. “Now with SmoothRide, it’s possible to eliminate the need for lane closures and map road conditions at highway speeds.  These three contractors will see immediate benefits to using this product for their road resurfacing projects.”

 “Using the RD-M1 SmoothRide solution, contractors have tighter control over the material used with each project. On resurfacing jobs, material management is very important for contractors because generally they must stay within yield limitations,”   Owen added. “In effect, SmoothRide provides the best of both worlds as it offers them the ability to use the same amount of material and end up with a smoother road.  It can be a real cost savings for everyone.” 

John Dowalter, Survey Manager for Shelly & Sands added, “Tell the guys to get comfortable with Topcon because we won’t be purchasing anymore Trimble Systems.”


How it works


SmoothRide is a workflow solution that touches all aspects of a milling or paving job. It requires a revolutionary combination of core Topcon technologies. The RD-M1 vehicle mounted road resurfacing scanner is required for SmoothRide. It is used for collecting surface information, processing and design software to create a design, and machine control and GNSS components for the milling machine or asphalt paver.

Once the road information is gathered, operators can use point data processing software to recreate the existing surface. MAGNET Office software with Resurfacing is then used to digitally create a high-resolution model of the required finished mat of the road. The resurfacing module allows operators to create a design using specific regulatory requirements such as minimum thickness, desired cross-slope, and overall smoothness. 

That information is then taken to the milling machine resulting in a perfectly smooth surface that translates to a smoother paving job. In the case of overlay paving jobs, the built-in capability to compensate for differential compaction will result in a smooth surface after compaction of the first lift, whereas with current technology and methods, multiple lifts would be required.


Collect, Design, Control

The SmoothRide system makes contractor’s projects safe, easy, and more efficient. The need for traffic lane closures is gone, quick 3D scanning has replaced days of cross-section measurements, and intuitive software now delivers better results throughout the paving and milling process.

Collect - Plan and conduct detailed road surface scanning sessions without the need for costly lane closures or re-work. The easy to install scanner collects millions of data points safely from the cab of the truck. So surveying the road surface is as simple as pressing the start button on a laptop.

Design – Contractors can make jobs come alive and efficiently create and manage large point cloud information with our intuitive software. Once done, a seamless transfer into MAGNET Office software’s unique “Resurfacing” module brings out the full array of software features needed to meet smoothness and cross slope requirements while adhering to any minimum or maximum thickness specified for the job.

Control - At the project site, results are real and immediate enabling contractors to continue with paving or milling on the same day that scans are collected.


With the RD-M1 SmoothRide system, contractors can maximize work hours and materials, eliminating the need for multiple lifts.  The result is a much smoother road than with traditional paving solutions and ads up to faster completion times. To find out more about the RD-M1 SmoothRide System and its uses, please call GeoShack at 972-918-5300 or visit