GeoShack Works with the Colorado State Patrol to Bring Cutting Edge Technology to Forensic Investigation

GeoShack Works with the Colorado State Patrol to Bring Cutting Edge Technology to Forensic Investigation

DALLAS, TX – November 21, 2017 – GeoShack, Inc. North America’s largest dealer of positioning, leveling, alignment, measurement, guidance and grade control solutions to the Construction, Survey, Agriculture, Landfill, Mining, Aggregates and Industrial markets is pleased to announce the sale and training of Topcon’s Hybrid Solutions to the Colorado State Patrol. 

The Colorado State Patrol purchased 29 units, one for each of the Patrol's districts across the state, and the use of these Hybrid systems are projected to cut forensic scene inspection time by one-half to two-thirds resulting in significant costs savings for the State of Colorado.  Each System consists of a Topcon GT Series Robotic Total Station, a Topcon Hiper SR GPS Base and Rover, and hand-held data collector with Topcon Magnet Software. 

Based on data provided by the Colorado Department of Safety, the average cost to shut down a highway in Colorado for a fatality or crime scene reconstruction is estimated at $800,000 per hour, per lane closure with an average shut down time of three hours.  By using these Hybrid solutions, the Colorado State Patrol looks to cut that time by one-half to two-thirds, preventing excessive highway shutdowns resulting in an average savings of $1,500,000 per investigation, per lane closure.  The projected annual savings for the State of Colorado is over $1.3 Billion.

In addition to the monetary savings for the state, reduced investigation time translates into less time waiting for motorists stalled on the roadway, as well as a reduction in secondary crashes caused when motorists engage in evasive maneuvers to circumvent a crash, such as crossing ravines and medians to turn around or driving along the road shoulder.

Forensic scenes are challenging and exacting. Topcon's Hybrid Positioning gives law enforcement agencies, like the Colorado State Patrol, the freedom, and confidence to tackle any outdoor accident scene investigation such as a train or aircraft crash.  Topcon’s advanced robotic tracking will lock onto the prism and automatically follow the investigator around the scene.  The forensic workflow is designed to allow the Colorado State Patrol to carry out their investigations without interruption or distraction.  It will enhance and complement already established procedures without compromising their data integrity.  Data points from various sources, including the Hybrid Solutions, can be easily exported and combined to give a more complete reconstruction of forensic scenes.

While collecting data at outdoor incidents such as crash sites, the presence of buildings and the topography of the land often interfere with line-of-sight operations for investigators, with most conventional solutions. Topcon's Hybrid Solution eliminates this problem by allowing investigators to easily switch from line-of-sight optical measurements to GNSS measurements and back, as appropriate, resulting in no downtime interruptions to data collection, for the user.    

“We are excited to extend our proven Hybrid product offerings to the Colorado Public Safety market,” remarked Mr. Jeff House, Colorado Regional Manager for GeoShack. “Bringing these new products and services gives more advanced solutions to law enforcement than they have had before. By collecting higher-quality data faster and less expensively than ever before, these Hybrid Solutions will save taxpayers money.”

All-in-all these products will offer tremendous time savings for the Colorado State Patrol resulting in reduced economic impact for the State of Colorado.