CMS V500



  • Accurate 3D models of cavities enable quick and easy data comparison
  • Real-time data visualization helps check data quality immediately, before leaving the site
  • Remote operation lets operator monitor target from a safe area
  • Lightweight and portable hardware deploys easily with a single operator
  • Measures non-cooperative targets to deliver usable data even in harsh, wet, and dusty underground conditions
  • Fast data acquisition time lets you get in, survey, and then get out quickly, reducing exposure to danger
  • Universal data export formats put CMS data into all third-party mine planning and visualization software and CAD platforms for analysis

New Capabilities

  • Unique-to-market integrated internal camera delivers real-time still and video imagery
  • Backsight and resection capabilities in operating software improve workflow
  • Thin 130 mm (5.2 in) profile fits through small openings
  • Single-unit sensor removes all cables and external batteries for enhanced portability and setup time
  • Wireless PC operation increases flexibility and ease of use
  • Extended 320° field of view increases viewable area of cavities
  • Optional cart deploys sensor into dangerous areas such as draw points