HiPer HR

HiPer HR

Multi-purpose GNSS receiver



The HiPer HR GNSS receiver overcomes field challenges with a unique blend of technologies. If you’re under tree cover, or can’t get the pole plumb, or need to range widely from your base, or you need superb accuracy, or work in wet conditions, or all of the above, you’ll be free to do your best work.

As part of the Elite Survey Suite hybrid positioning solution, using network correction, mounted to a vehicle or grade checking with Millimeter GPS, or an almost countless number of applications, the HR combines the features to help you succeed.

Next generation under canopy reception
Rugged, waterproof IP67 environmental design
Cellular, LongLink and Radio communications all integrated
452 Universal Tracking channels
Unique 9-axis TILT? compensation
Internal Wi-Fi and multi-spectrum Bluetooth
Removable, hot-swappable batteries

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UHF, 915, Network Rover

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