By blending our self-leveling laser and robotic total station technologies, Topcon created a new way to perform construction and BIM layout. Simply position and turn on the layout navigator to self-level and connect, automatically. Control the LN-100 with either the full-capability MAGNET Field data collection software or with MAGNET Construct, the no-cost Android app.

  • Single-operator solution for precise 3D layout
  • Easy one-button self-leveling setup
  • Wireless license-free communication
  • Out of the box usage with no-cost MAGNET Construct app on any Android device



Accuracy: 5 arc seconds, +/- 1.5 mm at 50m (1/8 in. at 164 ft.)
Guide Light: Range: ~100m V : ±12°, H : 8°
Wireless Communication: Bluetooth® Class 1
Dust/Water Protection: IP65
Physical And Environmental
Dimensions: 185 x 196 x 295mm
Weight*: ~ 4kg (8.8 lbs.)
*Including batteries and antenna.