TP-L5 Series - Red Beam

Topcon’s Easy to use yet accurate pipe laser



Combine features and technology that have proven to meet the demands of contractors, and you’ll have a laser that more to the table than any other alignment laser on the market. Whether it’s in the trenches, over-the-top, or for laser guidance in mining and tunneling, Topcon is the industry standard.

The Topcon TP-L5 Series pipe laser is an essential sewer laser that is great for pipe and trench alignment, trench excavation and the like. It features an auto-leveling grade range of -15% to 40% and horizontal accuracy of 10 arc seconds. The Smartline function accelerates production by making setup and alignment automatic.

Using the RC-200 remote control, the TP-L5 series offers a working range of up to 656 feet with a forward position and about 82 feet from above panel. This pipe laser features auto line centering and auto-grade zeroing. Plus, it includes a plumb light reference and targets to achieve the desired reading.

Having an IPX8 environmental rating, this Topcon pipe laser is water-resistant and submersible up to three feet. It also includes a cast aluminum housing construction and an updated LCD display that has a readable menu. In addition, it uses NiMH batteries that operate up to 55 hours and alkaline batteries that run up to 80 hours of battery life.

  • Most accurate grade and leveling
  • SmartLine auto-alignment system
  • Toughest cast aluminum housing
  • Built-in LED marking lights
  • Available vertical plumb beam (AV & GV models)