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Whether the project forecast calls for working within a surrounding reference station network or on your own in the middle of nowhere, Topcon’s proven GNSS solutions measure up time and time again. Use MAGNET Field software to confidently drive your GNSS equipment in completely unique methods based on what the project site dictates. Secure your data by instantly sharing with coworkers offsite who are using MAGNET Office software. While managers keep an eye on calendar and profit using MAGNET Enterprise web services.

Topcon’s proven GNSS products are sophisticated enough to isolate and quiet all signals from all constellations above, yet rugged enough for an all day session for the tightest of control. When paired with the modern MAGNET system of software and services, you get the most out of what each receiver can achieve. Configuring and customizing each static session or several sessions is intuitive, status and progress is graphical and easy, and upload of all static data is immediate even from distance project sites.

GeoShack GeoPositioning

The success of any positioning field project is founded on the quality of control that it was started with.

MAGNET Enterprise provides a secure environment for managers to pause and quickly create a new geo-referenced project, assign permissions, and coordinate all team efforts.

MAGNET Field data collection software picks up the next task and enables mobile field crew members to arrive on site and begin static data collection with the tap of the screen.

When static occupations are completed, direct downloads from all receivers are easily done and then uploaded to MAGNET Enterprise for office staff to begin immediate processing.

All the while, managers maximize the MAGNET system to quickly pause and check the project’s progress, weather forecast for the next assignment, and potential calendar collisions to minimize surprises.  Projects that start like this, usually end in success.

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