TopNet live

An Innovative GNSS network data correction service delivers flexible solutions

What is TopNETlive:

TopNET live is a subscription based, Real Time GNSS Reference Network delivering high quality, GPS/GLONASS correction data to rovers used for surveying, construction, GIS mapping and agricultural applications throughout North America. Fully interoperable with all makes of network capable rovers, subscriptions are made easily available through the Topcon website 24/7. TopNET live is designed to meet the unique needs of our customers by providing a wide range of subscription services. Network RTK (modeled solution), RTK, DGPS, and Agriculture GNSS corrections can be utilized on a quarterly or annual basis. TopNET live real time networks are powered by Topcon’s TopNET GNSS Reference Network management software suite. Topcon directly operates, manages and maintains all segments of the network, from the reference stations in the field to the server and IT infrastructure. Operating and monitoring all TopNET live reference networks, Topcon Positioning Systems manages subscription services and works closely with our partners providing advice on network design, antenna installation and positioning to insure high quality, professional grade, real time GNSS reference network services.

Network Coverage

TopNET live networks are available throughout the United States and Canada. Visit to view network coverage maps and join TopNET live.


Land Surveying

TopNET live delivers high accuracy positioning to professional land surveyors and engineering applications such as building and monitoring bridges, towers, highways, and dams. TopNET live eliminates the need for individual base stations which dramatically increases production and safety


TopNET live eliminates on-site base stations and is being employed more frequently in high-profile construction projects in North America. Large scale highway construction projects, airport runways and machine control operations all benefit from the reliable accuracy and performance of TopNET live GNSS reference networks.


TopNET live is ideal for high-precision mapping projects such as utility mapping, asset management and GIS data collection. Fully interoperable with 3rd party rovers, GIS professionals can rely on both real time differential corrections as well as having access to raw data for post processing.


TopNET live networks deliver consistent, high precision solutions to rovers used in a variety of agricultural applications such as cropping, fertilization and land-leveling. Using a modeled solution (NET-RTK), rovers within the network coverage area benefit from fast, reliable initializations and maintain high quality position solutions at all times.