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We've been part of your industry for decades, and we listen.
What we've learned allows us to provide real solutions for the work you do.


You push your limits every day. We innovate to keep you on the forefront of technology.


Patented, best-in-class robotic prism tracking technology from Topcon rejects false positives and remains locked onto the prism so you can focus on the job at hand. And our unique Hybrid Technology delivers the ultimate in non-stop productivity by combining GNSS positioning to quickly regain lock, and maintain profit.


With the most powerful, accurate EDM in the industry, Topcon total stations return consistent results every time. Achieve multiple angular accuracy options even at 0.5 arc-seconds, and benefit from precision you can trust.


Our decades-long history with total station design and innovation guarantees a rugged, durable instrument that performs proudly. And as a result of Topcon auto-collimating technology, you'll enjoy repeatable accuracy throughout your project workflow.

Work Faster

Work Faster

We combine technology innovations to provide you with unparalleled speed and productivity gains. Start sooner, get to grade faster and eliminate re-work.

Work Leaner

Work Leaner

Knowledge is power... every crew member and machine on site can do more with the visibility and ease of use that Topcon solutions provide. Get more done with less, and with reliable and accurate results. 

Be Ready To Scale

Be Ready To Scale

Going with Topcon solutions through GeoShack lets you take on bigger jobs with greater profitability. Or get more jobs done in a year. Our construction solutions can mean your ticket to growth, and we'll be right along with you, helping you grow.

Robotic Total Stations

Rugged and precise, Topcon robotics feature PowerTrac high-performance prism tracking and powerful long-range EDM, as well as exclusive LongLink communications and TSshield security and maintenance.

GeoShack GT Series

GT Series

Robotic Total Station

GeoShack ts_ln100

LN-100 Layout Navigator

3D Layout System


IS-3 Series

Imaging Robotic Total Station


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