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GeoShack is an industry leading dealer in the commercial UAV space, specializing in the Mapping, Agricultural, Public Safety and Inspection markets. GeoShack carries a broad line of UAV products, accessories, and services. GeoShack's UAV Team has the expertise to help its customers navigate the complexity of the emerging UAV markets. GeoShack offers world-class customer support with its training and support programs, knowing the customer relationship does not end after the sale, and that a well-trained UAV operator is a more productive and safer UAV operator.


UAVs bring a whole new level to what is possible when capturing data and imagery, opening up a diverse range of mapping & surveying possibilities. The UAV platform can take off almost anywhere, ensuring that only the data that is specifically requested is paid for with minimal data redundancy and enabling a bespoke survey service.


Using drones for crop surveillance can drastically increase farm crop yields while minimizing the cost of walking the fields or airplane fly-over filming. Using our suite of drones for Crop Health Imaging, you can view a composite video showing the health of your crops.


Technical installations and buildings, e.g. bridges or embankment dams are subject to strict inspection and safety regulations, which is why they require regular inspections. Data acquisition for these inspections are often associated with great time and financial expenditures.

Public Safety

Sending Police, Fire or Search & Rescue workers into harm’s way without knowing what danger they will encounter is an unacceptable risk. Using drone technology, you can “fly a camera” into the scene to assess the danger before sending in human beings.

View All UAV and Imaging Products

GeoShack is proud to be the drone dealer of global security and aerospace company Lockheed Martin’s Indago Quadrotor UAV. The eye-in-the-sky drone goes beyond the capabilities of current drones and has been reviewed as one of the most advanced quadcopters on the market weighing under 5 pounds, the collapsible Indago UAV folds into a packable unit and requires no tools for assembly making it the most compact and easy to use UAV on the market. Indago can be unfolded in 60 seconds and airborne in 2.5 minutes, plus, offers best in class flight time with more than 50 minutes.  The Indago UAV enables users to accomplish diverse missions from precision agriculture, firefighting and first response to mapping, surveying and inspections. Versatile, compact and unique features make the Indago UAV transcend the average.

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