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VG4D SmartLiDAR Analyzer Pro 

VG4D Smart LiDAR Analyzer Pro, the flagship product of the SmartLiDARTM solutions, is the most comprehensive and flexible solution available today. The robust features include customized application‐oriented workflows for airborne, mobile, corridor and static LiDAR/point cloud datasets. The software has been adopted by leaders in many industries including the railroad, engineering design, construction, aerial survey, electric utility and many more to capitalize on their significant point cloud mapping opportunities and challenges.

Built to fully exploit LiDAR point cloud data to its fullest, the standards‐based solution features a powerful and efficient point cloud processing engine designed to handle large datasets (billions of points). The application’s complete end‐to‐end workflow includes automatic classification, smart feature extraction, automatic digitization, batch processing, asset management, project management/tracking, and report /deliverable generation and much more.

Highlights include:

  • End to end LiDAR processing in a stand‐alone solution; requiring no additional 3rd party software
  • Efficient “point cloud” LIDAR Engine capable of handling very large datasets
  • Powerful and user‐friendly 3D visualization with many “easy to use, one click” capabilities
  • Plethora of tools allow users to capitalize on various possibilities with LiDAR now
  • Versatile data export capabilities coupled with real-time tracking and reporting
  • Multi-user functionality enables running large projects on multiple systems across networks
  • Comprehensive deliverables for all industry recognized engineering applications
  • Integrates seamlessly with other VG4D SmartLiDAR applications to lower cost of ownership

LiDAR Processing

  • Automatic filtering for classification and Intelligent contextual filtering
  • Batch processing, macro creation and management with shareable libraries
  • Flexible, multi targeting, multi variable, sequencable macro application
  • Robust conversion and import capabilities with unique “one-to-many” export features
  • Smart classification techniques to extract key features like: road center lines | curbs | lane markings | rails | power lines | buildings and more…

Feature Extraction

  • Automatic feature digitization and Industry optimized feature extraction (roads, railroads, powerline, etc.)
  • Wide range of powerful information extraction tools
  • “One-click” bare earth, RGB, and intensity feature extraction tools
  • Create cartographic and realistic quality 3D contours
  • Full featured toolset to create 3D breaklines by draping 2D vectors

Optimized Workflows

  • Complete end‐to‐end workflows tune internal processes to each LiDAR type (airborne, corridor, mobile, static)
  • Industry specific process-oriented workflows (Roads, rail roads, powerlines, BIM, etc.)
  • Easy LiDAR and imagery merging
  • One‐click import of custom classification schemas
  • Database tracking of project and data flow status, including spatial view of project status
  • Batch filter by tile or polygon selection using prerecorded macros for different terrain types
  • Create filtering scenarios to follow specified terrain characteristics
  • Flexible work flow sequencing with manual editing tools for final cleanup


  • Robust 3D visualization with full 3D interactive manual and profile editing 3D rotation | panning | zoom tools | vertical exaggeration | azimuth | on-the-fly 3D TIN rendering | on-the-fly 3D contour visualization
  • Smooth realtime viewer navigation and keyboard shortcuts
  • Memory optimization allows visualization of very large datasets at one time with fully customizable preferences
  • “One‐click” visualization by: elevation (Z) | delta‐Z | contour | TIN | intensity | RGB | slope | multiple returns | classification
  • Comprehensive QA / QC methods and tools
  • User‐friendly redlining tools for QA/QC of files, tiles and “areas of interest” polygons in 3D and profile views
  • Full featured toolset to create 3D hydrology and transportation breaklines
  • Visual slope and gradient analysis tools
  • Easy-to-use measurement tools
  • GPS time, coordinate, return, intensity RGB and filename readout by cursor location

Asset Management

  • Fully integratable intelligent asset management capability
  • LiDAR and imagery based interoperability with existing GIS databases
  • LiDARnbased asset attribution
  • Highly customizable GIS and industry data schemas


  • Import ASCII, LAS, and GIS formats
  • Export LAS , ASCII, GIS formats, Grids, GeoTIFF image files (elevation, Intensity, Shaded Relief, RGB, 32 and 16 bit), DXF
  • Reprojection and coordinate conversion procedures Latitude/Longitude | UTM | State plane
  • LAS, ASCII and ESRI ASCII grid with interpolation options
  • One-step process for DEM, DTM, contours, ESRI Grids and more..
  • Breakline draping/conflation
  • Slope analysis with export to polygons and rasters
  • Point density calculation
  • Transformation tools
    • LAS transformation Adjust XYZ values, shift, scale, rotate
    • LAS splitting, sub-sampling, header update, and more…
  • Analysis tools
    • LAS Information viewer
    • Control point, cross-section and polygon extraction
    • LAS direction, point density, Z statistics
    • Create KML with images and more…
  • RGB tools
    • Create intensity from RGB
    • Convert RGB to non RGB files
  • Shape tools
    • Shape reprojection and interpolation tools
    • Shape merging and ASCII to shape/shape to ASCII conversion tools
    • Polyline / polygon handling tools
  • Other tools
    • Reprojection | statistical | cross-section extraction | raster | batching

Information Extraction

  • Complete workflows, vectorization and feature identification for: Rail roads (PTC) | roads| powerlines
  • U.S. Dept. of Transportation feature codes
  • PLSCADD feature codes


  • LiDAR data quality comparative analysis and reporting
  • Detailed control point quality reporting
  • Flexible industry‐specific metrics definition and report creation
  • Realtime database update during processing and quality control
  • Robust metadata capture, editing and reporting
  • Processing log and time reports by machine, task, staffer and more…

VG4D LiDAR Calibrator

  • Stand-alone; no 3rd party software required
  • Supports Aerial, Mobile and Static LiDAR Data
  • Automatic Control Point enforced normalization and matching
  • On-the-fly 3D Boresite Correction
  • Overhead reduction – Only Two Flightlines/Strips Required
  • Detailed Survey Control Points Comparison/Accuracy Report
  • Stops and Turns removal tool
  • Coordinate Conversion tool
  • Strip validation against another Trusted Strip
  • Strip validation against Control Points
  • Easy to use and Interactive GUI
  • One click Report Generation. Strip-to-Strip, Strip-by-Strip, Strip-to-Control Point, Project Management and custom reports; Easy export
  • Customizable All-In-One project reporting
  • Only Z adjust tool
  • Automatic loading of Area of Interest(AOI)
  • Simple and Intuitive workflow
  • Visual confirmation of on-the-fly 3D Boresite correction
  • Enables in-the-field Boresiting

VG4D SmartLiDAR Analyzer Pro Screen Shots