Construction Technology – At GeoShack We Are Contech!

ConTech is where construction and technology meet. When the job demands the latest technology in lasers, layout equipment, total stations, theodolites, levels, tripods, surveying bipods, planimeters, auto-levels, land markers, prism, prism poles, GPS equipment, scanners and robots GeoShack is heads and shoulders above the competition. We not only sell but also service and support all the products we provide.
GeoShack is the number #1 Topcon Master Service Dealer in North America. We are also a factory-authorized dealer for all the brands of the construction equipment that we represent. GeoShack has always been ahead of the curve and First when it comes to Innovation…. It’s what we do!

We provide the ConTech Solutions that help you work Better, Faster, Smarter!
Our innovations help increase your bottom line profits! If you have questions about any of the products we sell, please don’t hesitate to contact us at GeoShack.

We have the ConTech solutions for you.

Here Are Just A Few Of Our Firsts

1st To introduce 3D GPS Dozer System
1st To introduce 3D LPS Robot Machine Control System
1st To introduce 3D GPS Trencher System
1st To Automate Grade Steering on a Road Mill
1st To introduce 3D Automation of a Curb & Gutter Machine

Whatever Your Profession

  • Surveyor Landscaper
  • Heavy Roadwork/Sitework
  • Excavation Contractor
  • Mechanical Contractor
  • Electrical Contractor

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