Subscription-Based GNSS Network Service

GeoShack, Inc.’s subscription-based real-time GNSS network correction service gives you incredible coverage throughout the world, providing high-quality data for all types of applications including surveying, construction, agriculture, and GIS.

  • Managed and operated by Topcon geodesy teams
  •  Multiple stations for redundancy
  • No base stations to set up
  • Local Cellular modem or Global Satellite connection
  • 24/7 consistent reliable access
  • Quarterly or annual subscriptions
  • Available in your choice of precision

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GeoShack's TopNET live Coverage

World-Wide Service Offers Multiple Packages To Suit All Applications

With our team of experts closely monitoring the TopNETlive network, you can rest assured that you will only ever receive high-quality, professional-grade, real-time reference corrections.

No matter your industry, your business model, or the work you perform, TopNETlive provides a choice that supports your needs. GeoShack offers a number of convenient subscription-based services thru TopNET Live -*RealPoint, *StarPoint and *SkyBridge – all are designed to best suit the way that you work.

Correction Services Available Locally

TopNETlive is a regionally-available set of ground-based networks of reference stations that together provide the covered areas centimeter-accurate RTK corrections. This is the highest degree of accuracy available today. These networks are managed locally, and our coverage areas can be explored in detail by following this link, where you can use a map-based interface of your area to look at the coverage, and the status of each base station, subscription costs, and get information on subscribing.

For network service information, please visit TopNETlive.

TopNETlive is perfect for:

  • Geopositioning
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Mapping
  • Utilities
  • Mining
  • Forensics
  • Forestry

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