As the Acting Chief Investigator for the Bexar County Arson Unit, I would like to personally commend your team for going above and beyond the call of duty when delivering our recent HiPer system to our office. They took the time to make sure that all of our investigators were familiarized with the unit, and to train us up on the proper usage of the device. They were extremely easy to work with, knowledgeable and highly technically competent. Realizing, that this piece of equipment will ultimately prove vital to the effective documentation of criminal evidence, they stayed with us until every last investigator had successfully mastered the HiPer. They adopted a “teach-show-do” instructional style that was very beneficial and effective. We really enjoyed working with your team, and they certainly made a lasting and positive impression while representing your company, if I can be of any further assistance. Thanks & take care.

John David Ortega, Jr., CFEI
Fire & Arson Investigator
Explosives Investigation Officer
Bexar County Fire Marshal’s Office

Allen W.

I have intended to write this letter for several weeks now. There just never seems to be enough time. But I took the time this morning because it felt so important to me to say thanks and to let you know how much the service after the sale means to our company.

We started our business during the first part of February of. My partner and I knew we wanted to use GPS equipment. We knew what we wanted and we could have bought the equipment anywhere. The deciding factor on why we purchased from GeoShack was your sales representatives in the San Antonio office.

They stayed in contact with us during the purchase process and were willing to meet with us on the weekend and were able to answer our concerns.

We have now purchased two GPS systems from GeoShack. The few times that we have been down in the field with equipment problems, they always been able to support us and get the right answer to us quickly.

We really appreciate your support. Thank you.

This letter is written to address all GeoShack members to let it be known the valued services provided by your team. During the process of determining what equipment would best suit my needs, they tirelessly offered many options and solutions with patience and courtesy. They worked ceaselessly and diligently to satisfy my needs and provided much-valued support after the sale. Your entire Austin team are valued assets of GeoShack and to all the clients they serve.

Thank you GeoShack.

James W.