Simple Workflows

The mapping workflow with Topcon is a simple three-step process, data is compatible with industry standards and data processing is minimized. We understand that the value of a simple workflow means you can concentrate on data analysis, not data processing.

Growing With You

Whether you need to increase the accuracy of your fieldwork or increase the job-site speed, with Topcon you’ll be ready. Simply add components to your existing system to gain more functionality. Your investment in Topcon technology can grow at the speed of your business.

Faster Results

Topcon combines technology innovations into mapping solutions that increase the speed of data collection and impact your bottom line. Get up and running faster and get accurate data the first time to eliminate site re-visits and wasted time.

Laser Scanners

Topcon laser scanners feature the highest accuracy across their full distance range via selectable lasers and dual cameras in fully integrated designs. With hot-swappable batteries and on-board data collection software, these versatile precision instruments provide a seamless workflow.



Our range of solutions in mass data capture opens the door to entirely new workflows. Capture data once, quickly, then interrogate the data at your leisure, on your own at your desk. From original topo, to pre-construction inventories, to as-built documentation, our solutions deliver above and beyond the call.



With mass data collection, you have a thorough inventory of the environment, with imaging overlayed on your 3D model. Additional data needs can be met from your existing data, without the need for extra time and expense to return to the field. Bid your job more accurately, protect yourself from shifting client needs, and come out as the hero.



The technologies that support mass data collection are highly advanced, and Topcon is at the forefront of that technology. But as the user, your job has become much simpler, as technology does most of the work. Use the Ingest > Process > Deliver workflow to create fantastic results with relatively few steps. With highly visual interfaces, our software allows you to see where you are, select the measurements and operations you need, and let the software do the heavy lifting.

Mobile Scanners

GeoShack’s Imaging and Scanning Group is a Topcon Authorized Dealer offering the latest mobile LiDAR, 3D laser scanning, software training, and support. We are committed to providing our customers with the best resources to help complete their projects on-time and under-budget while strengthening their existing services and pursuits. Whether you call it Terrestrial Scanning, 3D Laser Imaging, 3D Laser Scanning, 3D Laser Surveying, High-definition Surveying or Mobile Mapping this type of surveying will become the norm in the future and can be delivered to you by GeoShack today!

GeoShack Terrestrial Imaging & Scanning Solutions offers the solution to make very accurate measurements in complicated environments. This technology is the best answer for measuring as-built conditions inside and outside of buildings.

GeoShack gls-2000
GeoShack lidar-software