Fast and simple construction verification

The GTL solution replaces spot checks with a revolutionary construction verification process that takes hours instead of days, dramatically reducing errors and cost.


Next-Generation Total Station
Increase productivity by combining lidar scanning with robotics

The GTL-1200 combines the power of a robotic total station with a best-in-class laser scanner to perform digital layout and capture high-res 3D scans in a single setup. Simplify the scanning process and dramatically reduce the need for post-processing by capturing scan data on survey control. The workflow seamlessly integrates with ClearEdge3D software for advanced construction QA workflows and as-builts.

Work more productively by streamlining a range of workflows, such as documenting jobsite as-built conditions, performing construction verification, and sharing point clouds online.

  • Fast layout and scanning using a single instrument
  • Instant point cloud registration
  • Full dome scan and images in seconds
  • Tailored scan density to minimize software processing time
  • Point clouds accurately matched to BIM model coordinates


Experience prism lock productivity with UltraTrac™ prism tracking, even in challenging environments

LongLink™ Bluetooth® communication to communicate reliably between the instrument and controller, even over long distances

“Reflectorless” measurement to lay out or directly measure to any point or feature with laser pointer guidance

Engage high-speed, precise instrument motors for intelligent control of the robotic total station

Integrate GNSS technology to accurately measure points – even when line of sight is not possible – reducing unnecessary setups

Capture point clouds “on coordinates” for meaningful data that is ready onsite

Additional Information

Control the GTL-1200 using the following devices and software

  • FC-6000 with Magnet Field
  • FT-100 with Magnet Field
  • FT-100 with Magnet Collage Site




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