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GeoShack, Inc.’s Paving team is committed to knowing the paving industry and the technological developments that are introduced to the industry. Through our partnership with Topcon, GeoShack’s Paving team is trained and certified so integrating the appropriate paving technology will help construction contractors work more productively and profitably.

The GeoShack team offers a comprehensive paving machine control product line. We offer RDM1, RDMC, Intelligent Compaction Solutions, 3D millimeter GPS Paving Systems, Paver System Five, Smoothtrac. These paving systems help you work smarter, faster and, more accurately.

Frequently used in earthmoving, Global Positioning System technology is now enabling contractors to move toward stringless and stake-less paving and pavement repair operations. 3D technology on milling machines and asphalt pavers can help you build better roads for less. With 3D technology, you can better control your yield, increase your smoothness, save valuable material and get rid of your stakes. The advantages are similar to what you get in the earthwork industry, where you have stake-less grading. The entire job is on an electronic data file. Another advantage is it is easier to run multiple milling machines. Such savings usually result when 3D technology is used to build the entire project from the ground up.

The savings also come from not having to set string lines in the first place and the increased productivity on a job site by not having the string line in place to have to workaround. By eliminating the string lines, you also increase job site flexibility. With 3D paving, you can go anywhere. You have flexibility in the movement of the machine because anywhere the machine is at, it knows what the design is. With a continuous design, you actually look at where you are and where the design is.

Compact With Confidence

Complete your grading or asphalt project with our Intelligent Compaction solution. The finish is the most critical phase of your project and deserves the most sophisticated tools. Time-sensitive material such as asphalt needs immediate attention and we deliver real-time feedback of temperature and stiffness so the operator can compact when and where needed.

Our Sitelink3D global web service keeps you in command and control with a constant record instantly captured and secured showing each roller position in real-time. Unnecessary overlap or inadequate compaction is a thing of the past – increasing productivity without jeopardizing the material.

  • Increase your efficiency and reduce guesswork
  • Increase crew safety and let the technology do the work
  • Securely record your results for regulatory reporting
  • Eliminate re-work of material and deliver reportable results the first time
  • Increase the quality of compaction

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