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Why Your Landfill Needs GeoShack’s GNSS Grade Control Products

GeoShack, Inc.’s suite of Landfill GNSS grade control and density management products and services give every landfill the opportunity to implement cutting edge technology to improve operations and save time, resources, manpower & money.

Grade Control is probably the most poorly managed task at an average landfill. In fact, most landfills practice a system of grade check-and-repair rather than true grade control.

Why Is Grade Control Important?

Because poor grade control leads to:

• Wasted Airspace

• Mismanagement of Resources

• Re-grading of Waste Mass and Cover

• Heightened Erosion Potential

• Increased Likelihood of Leachate Springs

Without proper grade control, landfill waste lift development is little more than guesswork, which leads to poor work, which must be re-worked, all of which is wasted work. GeoShack Landfill will help you avoid all of that by doing smart work to get it right the first time.

GeoShack Landfill’s approach applies cutting edge technology to ensure tight grade control for each lift of waste at your landfill. With GeoShack’s help, your operators will construct waste lifts on-grade the first time, every time.

We’ll also show you how strict grade control is just the first step forward in our unique methodology, and how the next steps will result in long-term savings and extension of your facility’s lifespan. You’ll be amazed at the savings realized and the extra revenue gained at your landfill by implementing GeoShack Landfill’s state-of-the-art products and services.

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