GeoShack Applications for Big Iron

Machine Control

“Machine Control” is terminology that has become synonymous with the implementation of various types of onboard grade control systems for graders, dozers, scrapers, excavators, pavers, millers, trenchers, loaders and rollers. It denotes such terms such as stake less grading, automatic grading, laser grading, robotic grading and now GPS Grade Control.

Paving Equipment

Paving & Compaction

Frequently used in earthmoving, Global Positioning System technology is now enabling contractors to move toward stringless and stakeless paving and pavement repair operations. 3D technology on milling machines and asphalt pavers can help you build better roads for less. With 3D technology, you can better control your yield, increase your smoothness, save valuable material and get rid of your stakes.

GeoShack BIM and Layout Topcon

BIM & Layout

Creating a finished product from paper plans has incorporated a wide variety of job site methods and tools – from measuring tapes, levels, lasers, advanced surveying total stations, and even GPS receivers. No matter what tools have been used, the construction layout is always a critical point for any project.

GeoShack Survey and GIS Topcon

Survey & GIS

We provide state of the art products to the Surveying, Engineering and Construction community. We are committed to customer service and satisfaction and provide comprehensive training. If you need high tech survey-grade Total Stations, Digital Levels, GPS, GIS, field supplies, training, repairs and more, call the GeoShack Survey Group! We are here for you… and have everything for total accuracy.

GeoShack Dynamic UAV

UAV & Imaging

Dynamic UAV Solutions, an industry-leading distributor in the commercial UAV space, will embark on a strategic alliance with GeoShack, a leader in the field of construction technology, in order to provide professional UAV products, training, and support to their customers.

GeoShack Precision Farming, Ag, Topcon, Agriculture


More and more producers are using precision farming technologies in their operations and the GeoShack Precision Farming team can assist you. Our team is comprised of individuals from an agriculture background combined with the knowledge of precision farming, we can partner with you make your bottom line grow. 

GeoShack construction Topcon, Futtura, PSC


We sell lasers, total stations, theodolites, levels, tripods, surveying bipods, planimeters, auto-levels, land markers, prism, prism poles, GPS equipment, bags and cases, roll flagging, transits, grade rods, transit Levels, surveying supplies, survey stake supplies, Topcon and Futtura.

GeoShack_ Landfill, Topcon


Without proper grade control, landfill waste lift development is little more than guesswork, which leads to poor work, which must be re-worked, all of which is wasted work. GeoShack Landfill will help you avoid all of that by doing smart work to get it right the first time. We’ll also show you how strict grade control is just the first step forward in our unique methodology, and how the next steps will result in long-term savings and extension of your facility’s lifespan. 


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