MCX MAX Dozer updates: New John Deere and CAT models supported

More brands and models are being validated and tested. Once the dozer has gone through that process and an installation manual has been published, we move the model to “officially-supported status”. The newest certified models include CAT D5 and D6 as well as John Deere 700L, 750L and 850L machines.

MC-X3 Dozer Availability

These dozer models are currently supported and many more are in the final phases of testing, validation, and documentation. Look for upcoming announcements about availability.

Caterpillar 6-way / VPAT blade type
• D6N (released)
• D6K2 (released)
• D6 (released)
• D5 (released)
• D3K2 -D5K2*
• D1-D4*
• D6T*

Komatsu -23 & -24 series 6-way / VPAT blade type
• D37 (released)
• D39 (released)
• D51 (released)
• D61 (released)

John Deere 6-way / VPAT blade type
• 750K & 850K (released)
• 700L (released)
• 750L (released)
• 850L (released)
• 700K and smaller*

* Dozer models in final testing and validation.