More brands and models are being validated and tested. Once the dozer has gone through that process and an installation manual has been published, we move the model to “officially-supported status”. The newest certified models include CAT D5 and D6 as well as John Deere 700L, 750L and 850L machines.

MC-X3 Dozer Availability

These dozer models are currently supported and many more are in the final phases of testing, validation, and documentation. Look for upcoming announcements about availability.

Caterpillar 6-way / VPAT blade type
• D6N (released)
• D6K2 (released)
• D6 (released)
• D5 (released)
• D3K2 -D5K2*
• D1-D4*
• D6T*

Komatsu -23 & -24 series 6-way / VPAT blade type
• D37 (released)
• D39 (released)
• D51 (released)
• D61 (released)

John Deere 6-way / VPAT blade type
• 750K & 850K (released)
• 700L (released)
• 750L (released)
• 850L (released)
• 700K and smaller*

* Dozer models in final testing and validation.


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