C-53 Intelligent Compaction


Our modern C-53 compaction systems go beyond simple pass count registry. Through secure connectivity to the global Sitelink3D service, each compactor not only performs tasks faster, but also becomes part of the overall project like never before.

  • Leveraging multiple integrated temperature sensors, each compactor achieves consistent results through constant feedback into the system.
  • Ruggedized GNSS technology provides accurate pass counts, geographic locations of each run, as well as georeferenced task assignments and completion.
  • State of the art accelerometer that performs in all conditions to deliver confident surface stiffness values that ensure you are achieving regulatory intelligent compaction standards.
  • Connectivity to our Sitelink3D Enterprise service promotes each machine to then take advantage of 24/7 access to project data, team collaboration, custom reporting, as well as standard export to Veta analysis software.

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