Dual GPS Land Leveling System


X35 Console

The system offers high-accuracy land forming and high-accuracy autosteering simultaneously. The X35 console, running Horizon software, can be teamed with the AGI-4 receiver/steering controller for unmatched land forming performance.

AGI-4 Receiver/Steering Controller

Set up with optional snap-in RTK and IMU modules provide full RTK or NTRIP accuracy with steering control to ± 2 cm (sub-inch).


The unit contains receivers, radios, and controllers in one rugged system offering the widest array of machine compatibility.


The premium portable base station features Topcon Vanguard GNSS chipset with 226 Universal Tracking Channel Technology for unrivaled accuracy.


Precision dual-frequency, dual-constellation antenna features micro-center technology plus an integrated ground plane to reduce multipath errors.


Dome antenna offers exceptional performance in demanding multipath-prone environments.



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