Futtura EG2-S Automatic Control System

On Grade – Every Time…Easy. Versatile. Convenient

The Econograde EG2-S Control System handles the slope grade projects that other systems can’t at a very economical cost. The EG2-S gets you accurate grading results in less time with less labor.


Single Receiver & Slope Sensor Automatic Control System

The EG2-S comes with a single laser receiver for elevation control and a slope sensor for blade slope control. It is the best of both worlds; laser accuracy for elevation work and accurate blade slope for sloping drainage work.

The system is ideal for:

  • Residential housing developments
  • Embankments
  • Channels and ditches
  • Driveways


  • Metal control box housing
  • Single laser receiver, with 7″ of receiver capture height
  • Slope sensor
  • Adjustable on-grade offset
  • LCD display screen for operator interface
  • Easy to see LED grade indicator lights



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