HP SitePrint with Topcon LN-150

Revolutionizing Construction Layout with Robotic Precision

Discover the cutting-edge solution for construction layout – HP SitePrint. Experience the seamless fusion of HP’s printing expertise and advanced robotics technology, designed to elevate the way construction site layouts are executed.

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes. Effortlessly transfer digital layouts onto the floor, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring precision every step of the way.


HP SitePrint

Robotic solution for autonomous layouts.

We’ve combined our printing knowhow and robotics technology to revolutionize construction site layouts bringing breakthrough efficiency.

• Improve layout productivity by as much as ten times.

• Autonomous printing with obstacle avoidance.

• Printed on-slab text helps deliver executions as per plan.

Accurate layouts

• Precise printing to complete every project accurately.

• Complex layouts spot-on, laying out intricate arcs and circumferences.

• Raise the bar of predictability, minimizing redos and with great rigor.

One easy solution to do it all

• Simple layout management with cloud-based tools.

• Easily print on different surfaces thanks to HP inks expertise.

• Compact design that fits in a portable case for effortless transport.


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