The Topcon LS-B200 Machine Control Laser Receiver is a reliable device used by construction professionals to measure ground level and sloped terrains. It can be used on dozers, excavators, backhoes, drag-boxes, and scrapers, and offers a 360-degree detection angle, for a more efficient and accurate use in the field.


High-Quality & Durable: The LS-B200 series features a multi-colored LED screen to allow a clear and easy-to-read results for the user. The device is designed with a plumb and tilt indication, four (4) detection precision modes, LED indicators for battery and options, and a one-touch “On Grade” matching, providing the contractor with accurate and reliable readings every time. It provides a detectable laser wavelength range of 633 to 785nm, and an 800m (2625ft) detecting range.

This heavy-duty Topcon Machine Control Receiver is powered by four (4) Batteries or a battery pack (which are both sold separately), and can operate up to 100 hours. It has a -20C/-4F to 50C/122F operating temperature, and an IP66 environmental rating, ensuring protection against dust and water. This device comes with built-in mechanical clamps, that helps in a secure, slip-free, and effective attachment on machines.

Configuration Options
The Topcon LS-B200 Machine Control Laser Receiver offers two connectivity types for your construction needs. The LS-B200W option, which is wireless, allows compatibility with the Topcon RD-100W Remote Display (sold separately), once connected.


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