LT8-300P Optical Level Transit


David White LT8-300P 26x level-transit with optical plummet 46-D8871

A durable and dependable 5-minute instrument for precise horizontal and vertical sighting applications. The LT8-300P has all the features of the LT8-300 plus an optical plummet.


  • 26X telescope
  • Range: 400 feet (61m)
  • Accuracy: ± 3/16″ @ 150 feet (4.75mm @ 45m)
  • Horizontal circle, lock, and tangent.l
  • Vertical arc, lock, and tangent.
  • Convenient top-mounted vial
  • Glass reticle stadia (ratio of 1:100)

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LT8-300P/ Optical Plummet, LT8-300LP Laser Plummet


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