Lynx HS300


The Optech Lynx HS300 mobile survey system delivers best data quality in the industry. It is the best solution on the market for surveying and engineering projects where accuracy, precision, and overall cost-effectiveness are paramount.

Available in two configurations, the dual-head Lynx HS300-D and the single-head Lynx HS300-S, the Lynx lets you select the most suitable model suitable for your business, whether you are looking for greater efficiency or want a more compact and lower-cost solution. The Lynx HS300-D configuration is built to maximize accuracy and efficiency on design survey projects, and its multiple-perspective lidar coverage minimizes shadows, significantly increasing data collection efficiency and quality. The Lynx HS300-S is a lighter-weight, lower-cost model that is fully upgradeable to the dual-head configuration so that you can maximize data collection efficiency as your business expands while protecting your initial investment.


  • Maintain dense and uniform data at highway speeds with rapid measurement and scan rates
  • Optimize accuracy and achieve high-volume production processing with Optech LMS Pro
  • Simplify project operations with automated boresighting
  • Enhance lidar data with 360° Ladybug®5 camera imagery
  • Manage data volume by configuring system parameters for specific applications
  • Install and remove system in minutes without affecting boresight parameters
  • Achieve engineering-grade detail as your deliverable collecting 1.2 million points per second
  • Get closer, denser points where needed with a fast PRF of 800 kHz per sensor head
  • Gain efficiency in survey planning and scheduling with programmable scanner speeds
  • Multiple mobile platforms expand your applications to road, off-road, rail and marine
  • Up to four individually addressable and scalable cameras provide results matching project needs
  • Automated lidar rectification algorithms in LMS maximize accuracy of mobile surveys
  • Flexible image capture reduces your data volume

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