Lynx HS600


The Optech Lynx HS600 is the premium mobile mapping solution from the Lynx HS series, when maximizing resolution is paramount for survey-grade projects on high-speed roads. The Lynx HS600 lidar solution represents the apex of lidar design and performance. Significantly ahead of competition in lidar data quality, the Lynx HS600 offers not only exceptional accuracy, but also unmatched data resolution.

Available in two configurations, the dual-head Lynx HS600-D and the single-head Lynx HS600-S, the Lynx lets you select the most suitable model for your business, whether you are looking for greater efficiency or want a more compact and lower-cost solution. The Lynx HS600-D configuration is built to maximize accuracy and efficiency on design survey projects, and its multiple-perspective lidar coverage minimizes shadows, significantly increasing data collection efficiency and quality. The Lynx HS600-S is a lighter-weight, lower-cost model that is fully upgradeable to the dual-head configuration so that you can maximize data collection efficiency as your business expands while protecting your initial investment.


  • Industry-leading scanner speed ensures uniform data at highway speeds
  • Industry-leading lidar data quality
  • Configurable system parameters manage data volume
  • LMS enables efficient and robust QA/QC
  • LMS workflow automates high-volume processing
  • Automated boresighting simplifies operations
  • Ladybug 360° camera captures integrated imagery
  • Real-time LAS output allows in-field QA and rapid access to the survey data

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