MS Monitoring Station

When your project demands measurement without compromise, turn to the MS Monitoring Series motorized total stations for guaranteed performance. Featuring the MS05AXII (0.5-second accuracy instrument) and the MS1AXII (1-second accuracy instrument)


MS Monitoring Station

Topcon’s  Measuring Stations MS05AXII and MS1AXII feature several technological and functional enhancements that provide higher accuracy, higher speed, and higher work efficiency in structural monitoring and large-scale 3D measurement applications.

Quantify deformation movement at sub-millimeter accuracy to identify even the smallest changes in displacement and increase site safety on high-risk monitoring projects. Operating a real-time automated deformation monitoring solution allows you to create valuable datasets and analyze the forces at work on your project, then take appropriate action in a timely manner.

Topcon Delta Solutions consists of Topcon Delta Link, Topcon Delta Log, and Topcon Delta Watch. Topcon Delta Link provides hardware support for the autonomous operation of total station and environmental sensor data in the field. Communication options include Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and a globally approved integrated cellular modem.

Topcon Delta Deformation Monitoring Solutions are guided by VMT- representing the best-selling navigation systems in tunneling worldwide. Since 1994, VMT has equipped thousands of tunneling projects with navigation, information, monitoring, and communication systems.

Features & Benefits

  • 0.5” / 1” Precise Angle Accuracy
  • Remote control through on-line PC
  • Exclusive reflector prescan technology
  • Enforced durability for long-term monitoring

Additional information




Angle Measurement
MS05AXII: 0.5” (0.15mgon*)
MS1AXII: 1” (0.3mgon*)
Minimum Reading:
MS05AX: 0.1″ (0.02 mgon)
MS1AX: 0.5″( 0.1 mgon)
*ISO 17123-3
Distance Measurement
Non-Prism Mode:
MS05AX: 100m
MS1AX: 400m
Reflective Sheet:
MS05AX: 200m
MS1AX: 300m
1 Prism: 3,500m for both
Non-Prism Mode:
MS05AX: 1mm + 1ppm
MS1AX: 2mm + 1ppm up to 200m
Reflective Sheet:
MS05AX: 0.5mm + 1ppm
MS1AX: 1mm + 1ppm
1 Prism:
MS05AX: 0.8mm + 1ppm
MS1AX: 1mm + 1ppm
Minimum Reading
MS05AX: 0.01mm / 0.1mm
MS1AX: 0.1mm / 1mm
Physical And Environmental
Ingress Protection: IP-64
Operating Temperature: -10 to +50 ºC
Storage Temperature: -30 to +70 ºC


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