The Topcon RL-HV2S Dual Grade Laser is a reliable and functional device used to calibrate and level horizontal, vertical, and multi-slope areas in the site. This long range laser is ideal for grade checking while excavating, pipe laying, landscaping, foundations, retaining walls, drop ceilings, and more. The device comes with a free Laser Manager App, that allows bluetooth connectivity to the user’s mobile device, for an easier control and navigation of the laser.


Accurate & Reliable: Self-leveling within ±5 degrees, this Topcon device has a working range up to 2,625 feet (800m), offers an accuracy of ±10 arc seconds in both X and Y axes, and is designed to cover larger projects, with its Laser Class 1 construction. Also, it features two rotational speeds of 300 and 600 rotations per minute, offers an accuracy of ±10 arc seconds, and can efficiently measure dual grade range of up to ±5 percent (±15% if used with plate). It can also be used for layout and alignment applications when the device is turn on its side.

Heavy-Duty Design: With an IP66 rating, this Topcon dual grade laser is dustproof and water-resistant, and can ultimately withstand the toughest environments. It can operate up to 120 hours if alkaline batteries are used, and 65 hours for Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack. In addition, it features an operating temperature of -4 °F to 122 °F which is built to work perfectly even under extreme temperatures. The device also includes a height-of-instrument sensor (for LS-80X Receiver), that notifies the construction professional that the device has been moved.

Excellent Bluetooth Connectivity: With the help of the Laser Manager Mobile App (for iOS and Android), the user can remotely access the functions and display of the Topcon laser device via bluetooth, allowing simpler navigation for slope adjustments, setting of position, modes, and rotation speeds, and allowing self-leveling and calibration of the laser. This provides convenience and a more efficient work without the need of other remote controls to carry in the field.

Configuration Options
The Topcon RL HV2S Dual Grade Laser Single Grade Laser offers different packages that suit your needs. All are supported by a five-year warranty. Please choose from the drop-down menu above.


  • Range of Up to 2,625 feet (800m)
  • Accuracy of ±10 Arc Seconds in X & Y Axes; Self-Leveling Within ±5 degrees
  • Dual Grade of ±5%, ±15% if Used w/ Plate
  • Features Laser Manager App for Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Comes w/ Height-of-Instrument Sensor (LS-80X Receiver)
  • Adjustable Rotation Speed (300 or 600 RPM)
  • IP66 Dustproof & Powerful Water Jet Resistant

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