Steering System


X35 Console

The system offers high-accuracy land forming and high-accuracy autosteering simultaneously. The X35 console, running Horizon software, can be teamed with the AGI-4 receiver/steering controller for unmatched land forming performance.

AGI-4 Receiver/Steering Controller

Set up with optional snap-in RTK and IMU modules provide full RTK or NTRIP accuracy with steering control to ± 2 cm (sub-inch).

AES-35 Electric Steering

Designed specifically for non-steer-ready vehicles, the AES-35 provides hydraulic performance with electric convenience to produce one of the most accurate, rugged and durable steering solutions on the market today. The AES-35 is a new design featuring a smaller drive motor that reduces noise and footprint in the cab to improve the physical environment for the operator. Designed for ease of installation and operation, it is environmentally rated for use in open-cab vehicles, with its streamlined design reducing the overall complexity of system installation. With its virtually silent, high-torque, direct-drive electric motor, the AES-35 brings best-in-class performance to a wide range of ag applications including tractors, sprayers, windrowers, and combines. Compatible with AGI-4 and all three Topcon consoles, it is easily transferable across vehicles and provides steering accuracy up to 2 cm RTK – including RTK accuracy in reverse.