System V – Dozer

Combining Laser and Sonic Technology


Topcon machine control systems provide extra benefits to ensure deadlines are being obtained no matter the job. Whether working on flat pads, sloped pads, roads, or airports, earthmoving results are to the millimeter.

Skilled machine operators are more difficult to find while the need for production is constantly rising. Alleviate the Jobsite pressure with Topcon System 5. It allows you to choose from laser or sonic control, or even a combination of both. Not only does is help a new operator become more productive, but it also transforms an experienced operator into a superstar.

Upgradable back and forth
User-friendly with bright, clear indicators
Ruggedized components provide superior reliability
Smooth and consistent hydraulic response
100% slope control sensor
Mix and match sonic and laser sensors
Control each end of the blade individually

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