Increase your productivity at every stage of your project

MAGNET software solutions and Topcon’s partnerships with Autodesk and Bentley allow you to work seamlessly, increasing your productivity at every stage of your project.


MAGNET is a powerful tool that helps you control your business and improve your profit. Plan, manage, and oversee your projects. Track and manage your assets. Simplify processes, and reduce chances for errors with 3D visualization. Topcon is a constant partner in providing you with the tools that suit your needs. Get productive today.


MAGNET empowers your team collaboration. Interact with your team, instantly communicate relevant information, see real-time fieldwork being collected live on Google maps, and share or access your data at any time, anywhere in the world. Benefit from a new, easier, and faster way to be connected.


MAGNET software productivity suite streamlines your project process. Topcon evolved what modern software solutions can do to allow your team to work seamlessly. From Autodesk and Bentley data integration capabilities to real-time data exchange between office and field, and so much more. Explore what’s possible with MAGNET.

MAGNET Field Solutions

MAGNET Field data collection software is available in multiple variations for your project and budgetary needs.

Data collection software

Full Field Connectivity

MAGNET Field is a powerful and intuitive field application software that enables you to collect survey mapping data and perform construction and road layout using total stations, levels, and GNSS receivers.

MAGNET Field is easy to use. Perform topographic and layout operations with a supportive Microsoft Bing Maps satellite image background. Carry your custom CAD standards to the field with a single screen tap; the software will instantly draw three-dimensional line work and symbols.

Discover MAGNET Field features and benefits.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Advanced roading tool set
  • Vast library of Import / Export file formats
  • Calculate, contour, and compare surfaces
  • Surface staking with automatic Digital Terrain Model creation
  • Colorized cut and fill indicators, as well as volume calculations
  • Direct connectivity to your private Company Account for easy data exchange and quick chat
  • Microsoft Bing Maps® for real-time images behind your points, lines, and imported design files

Guided layout field software

A Customized Software Application Specifically
For Quick And Confident Design Layout

MAGNET Field Layout is a customized version of MAGNET Field data collection software that increases building layout productivity. With in-the-field plans and dimensional entry, you can go from a paper plan or 3D model to building layout faster than ever.

Discover MAGNET Field Layout software features and benefits:

  • Flexible building plan entry
  • Intuitive and graphical building layout menus
  • Large file format support including DWG
  • Fast creation of design points from lines
  • Hardware support for conventional and robotic total stations
  • Hardware support for Topcon HiPer SR
  • Exchange with MAGNET Enterprise, AutoCAD 360, or Bentley ProjectWise

Mobile app for control of total stations and GNSS


MAGNET Construct is ready to drive your Topcon robotic total stations and GNSS receivers. This mobile app delivers precise design layout as well as quick and intuitive options for field measurements. It’s ideal for BYOD (bring-your-own-device) users seeking better job site layout productivity. MAGNET Construct provides a streamlined workflow with graphical, real-time positioning to any point, line, or feature on your project site.

  • Mobile app for Android and iOS handheld devices
  • Built to control robotic total stations, GNSS receivers and Layout navigator
  • LongLink technology for a GNSS rover and base connection
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Change language and terminology within seconds
  • Share files directly via email or through MAGNET Enterprise
  • Secure data transfer, both to and from the field

MAGNET Office Solutions

Office software solutions for a wide range of surveying, design, and construction applications.

Earthwork planning software for project managers

Reduce Risks While Scheduling And Planning More Efficiently

MAGNET Project provides everything you need for a streamlined digital earthworks workflow. Manage projects in 3D, evaluate different options and costs, and create realistic and accurate earthwork plans on a map. Location-based construction planning and scheduling helps you to tackle costly safety issues, resource conflicts, and construction delays all in one go.

  • Full 3D design and quantity takeoff functionality
  • Risk assessments from different mass haul scenarios
  • Mass balance estimates
  • Haul distance calculations
  • Material usage and traffic planning optimization
  • Map-based planning
  • BIM Modeling, 5D Simulation & Clash Detection

Formerly known as MAGNET Office Mass Haul, this product has been renamed to MAGNET Project and takes on all DynaRoad and MAGNET Modeler and Explorer functionality.


  • Access to MAGNET Enterprise
  • All MAGNET Construction, Site, Layout and Survey functionality

Takeoff, 3D constructible model, and survey software


MAGNET Construction brings your PDF plans to life and helps you create 3D project plans with confidence. Balance the site to eliminate the haul of unnecessary materials. Combine strata and construction materials to build a trench profile or road alignment. Perform asphalt re-paving design. Takeoff functionality helps you to calculate true volume and cost estimates. Export machine-ready files for your crew and foremen.

  • PDF to CAD conversion with full road design functionality and 3D model visualization
  • A customizable materials library
  • Subsurface strata from drill hole data
  • Accurate subgrade quantity calculations
  • Cut/Fill maps
  • Cleanup of surface files
  • Site balancing
  • Pipe library and trench templates
  • Multiple window panes for clear impression of road surface
  • Produce and manage industry standard 3DMC files
  • BIM Modeling, 5D Simulation & Clash Detection
  • Previously named MAGNET Office Takeoff, this product now includes legacy MAGNET Office Resurfacing, MAGNET Modeler, and MAGNET Explorer functionality.


  • Access to MAGNET Enterprise
  • All MAGNET Site, Layout. and Survey functionality

3D constructible model and survey software

For Jobsite Survey, Roading, Layout, And Machine Control File Prep

MAGNET Site is a fully-featured constructible model and survey software solution for any machine control, land development, and road design project.

It is the proven software solution for contractors and 3D model builders thanks to its customizable options and comprehensive editing capabilities. Easily elevate 2D plans and create 3D road and site models from CAD or PDF files. Simplify complex road design projects and enable the streamlined design of road corridors, highways and intersections.

  • 3D modeling for 3DMC systems, with 3D preview feature
  • Extensive 2D to 3D tool set with most versatile textures in the market
  • Full road design functionality
  • Merging of surface models
  • Automated pad design with automatic cut/fill balance
  • Multiple volume routines
  • Automated CAD data cleanup
  • Output of machine control files
  • Review of different design discipline models
  • BIM modeling, simulation, and clash detection
  • Easy import of multiple file formats including Bentley .dng, AutoCAD .dwg, LandXML and IFC


  • Access to MAGNET Enterprise
  • All MAGNET Layout and Survey functionality

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