Fully compatible with most models of network-capable rovers, Realpoint offers a wide variety of subscription options available for easy access through GeoShack. Topcon Positioning Group operates and monitors all Topnet Live networks.


TopNet Realpoint

RTK for wherever work takes you

Topnet is Topcon’s GNSS correction service and consists of the reference station network, correction calculation software, and the correction broadcast service.

Topnet Live is a global GNSS correction service that delivers positioning data to surveyors and construction teams whose projects use satellite positioning. Realpoint achieves survey-grade accuracy through an RTK network of regional reference stations to enhance satellite positioning data.  Surveyors, construction professionals, and even heavy construction equipment with satellite navigation systems use this service for high-accuracy applications such as field surveys, jobsite layout, earthwork, paving, and as-built reporting.

Why are GNSS correction services needed in construction and survey?

GNSS receivers must compensate for inaccuracies related to satellite constellations and atmospheric conditions. If these signals are not corrected, position calibration can be off by several meters – causing construction clashes, rework, safety risks, or even property disputes.


Realpoint delivers high-accuracy positioning to professional surveying and engineering applications such as land surveys, engineering surveys, GIS, and mapping. TopNet Live removes the need for individual base stations, dramatically increasing production and safety.  Start-up time is nearly instant when in range of the network


Topnet is increasingly employed in high-profile construction projects in the shift away from on-site base stations. Large highway construction projects, airport runways, and machine control operations all benefit from the reliable accuracy and performance of Topnet Live GNSS reference networks.


Topnet networks deliver consistent and accurate positions to precision agriculture machines used in applications across the crop cycle such as soil preparation, seeding, and crop care. Equipped tractors, sprayers, spreaders, and harvesters benefit from fast initializations and reliable positioning any time of the day or night.

OEM – System integrators

Topnet is a global positioning correction service for system integrators, product designers, and OEMs. It is ideal for scalable, precision GNSS positioning applications such as automotive, Industrial IoT, and autonomous robotics.

To provide precise positioning accuracy, a GNSS receiver needs to compensate for inaccuracies caused by satellite constellations, receiver hardware, and atmospheric conditions. These inaccuracies can be calculated by a network of fixed reference stations that constantly receive GNSS data. This correction information is then broadcast to GNSS receivers as a service.


Customers can have a single subscription that provides borderless service which automatically switches between regional GNSS reference networks. Topcon’s geodetic specialists and professional standards ensure high-quality correction data is delivered to each GNSS receiver.


Additional Information

Provides network RTK accuracy and a quick start-up time where TopNet Live is available

Correction type/delivery
RTK via cellular network

2 cm

Initialization time

Supported field software
Magnet Field

Most softwares and hardware using RTCM3+ and NTRIP are supported

Major GeoShack Coverage Areas

DFW, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Midland, Amarillo, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Longview, Tyler, Gainesville, Abilene, Brownwood

Denver, Longmont, Colorado Springs, Aspen, Montrose

New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Covington, Shreveport, Alexandria, Deridder, Lake Charles, Jena

North American coverage map


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